Frequently Asked Questions

RaRaRe enables a free, easy, way to report civic issues, track them to resolution, create opinion polls and get rewarded for participation. Its simple, just

Rant or Rave: Good or bad, share your views about the things that really matter to you. Upload images, report problems and be part of a discussion that could drive change.

Survey: Your views count. That is why, if you participate in surveys, you will earn redeemable points that you can save up and spend at local outlets - Participate now!

Events: Tell everyone in your area about an event by sharing details here. Get RSVPs and promote your event to a relevant audience that will engage with you.

Redeem: Redeem points you’ve earned from taking part in surveys. We have teamed up with a fantastic range of outlets to offer you great deals and freebies. And it’s Free

You can use the 'Leave feedback' form in the app. We are always happy to hear from you Please see whether these FAQs answer your questions first, because that saves your time and ours..
RaRaRe can be used for reporting things/issues which are broken or dirty or damaged or dumped, and need fixing, cleaning or clearing, like graffiti, pollution, illegal construction, potholes or street lights that don't work in your community. It can also be used to post experiences, wether a frustrating one like traffic jam, or a great experience (Rave) at a local restaurant
Emergencies must always be reported via the relevant agency contact details. RaRaRe is NOT an alternative for emergency support scenarios
It is not a watch dog for corruption or other related subjects
It is Political agnostic, hence, not a platform to push political agenda.
Assuming you are logged into the RaRaRe app To post a Rant or Rave,
Start at the app landing page which has a listing of existing Rants/Rave for your location and click the create button at the bottom right of the page
Select your relevant tab (Rant/Rave), then, complete the form and type in your postcode or a place name. (The app picks up your current location by default) then, type in a description of the post, attach an image if required, then click the tick icon at the top right of the screen, to send
If you have posted a rant from the website, then, Check your email inbox for our confirmation mail, click on the link, and job done.

After submitting a post, if it’s a Rant, it is routed directly within seconds to the inbox of the relevant authority/organization . From there on, we have limited control over what the authority/organization will do with the post, however, the relevant authority are expected to triage the reports and assign a resolution plan to each problem report. When the problem reports have been fixed/resolved, the relevant authority will update the post with an after /resolution image and comments.

The resolution update will be appended against the original post and available to users of the platform to review. A courtesy notification of resolution email will be sent to the email of the originator of the problem report

Yes, it is absolutely free
Yes – The RaRaRe app is now on Google Play (Android) , and Apple iTunes store (iOS)
Simply download and install the app from the Google Play or ITunes app store, then follow the login instructions, and join the community

Loco points, is our in app points earning program . 
It is simple, Users spend points to post surveys, and users can earn points for participating in surveys
The points when accumulated, can be spent by redeeming against special offers from our RaRaRe Redempotion partners (local businesses signed up with RaRaRe)

At this time the Loco points may only be redeemed on the RaRaRe platform. In the future, we will look to extend our partner network to enabnle spend of Loco points with other 3rd party platforms

After logging into your account (On the mobile app), the status of your transactios history can be found under My Transaction History.

16How long will it take for my order to be credited to my account after I make payment?

Your Loco points will be credited immediately to your RaRaRe account

At the moment, we only accept Paypal payments..(Including Credit/Debit cards via Paypal)

Paypal is the easiest way to make payments online. While checking out your order, you will be redirected to the Paypal payment gateway. Be sure to fill in correct details for fast & hassle-free payment processing. It's fast, easy & secure.

Yes! It is commonly misunderstood that a Paypal account is needed in order to make payments through Paypal. The truth is you DO NOT need one, although we strongly recommend you sign up to enjoy the added ease of use. Without a Paypal account, all you need is any Debit/Credit card stated below that is supported by Paypal. No account needed.

No limit. You can redeem against as many as you can with your Loco points.

We take such matters very seriously and will look into individual cases thoroughly. Any redemption dispute should not be thrown away before taking photo proof and emailing the photo of the affected sample and your  redemption voucher ID to us at (if applicable).

Organisation Questions

If you are a registered, RaRaRe Authority Partner, We would send the reports to your registered RaRaRe Authority Partner account and inbox, which you would have been provided with a welcome pack and credentials to access
Yes. The team here at RaRaRe are pro-collaboration, and believe that through collaboration we can make our communities more efficient and create a better quality of life for our citizens
Contact us to discuss your specific request

Yes we do. We have a zero tolerance policy towards offensive posts. If identified, we reserve the right to blacklist the user

The 'Report abuse' feature is available in the app and web, across all key functional areas for easy access. It is our collective responsibility to keep the community focused at all times

We want to keep RaRaRe locally focused, so restrict the ability to move radically between areas. The map on Your Reports will let you see all the reports made around the area of interest