Our Story

RaRaRe (Pronounced RaRaRewas founded on the belief that social debates and opinion sharing can have a positive impact on communities. They can be a powerful stimulus that connects people, authorities and businesses to make our community a better place. While there are many platforms that let people share their views, none is quite like ours.

We developed RaRaRe to give people a chance to turn their debates and opinions into actionable requests that encourage positive change.


  • We imagined what it would be like to have an app that allowed people to upload an image of a broken street light or a pothole and report the problem in real time with just a few clicks.

  • Then we imagined the feeling of knowing, that report was instantly sent to the relevant authority, with an end goal of prompt resolution.

  • We imagined people sharing their views, on issues in their community, and having a say on how issues/challenges can become opportunities.

  • We imagined a world where customer opinions matter and businesses place consumer preference as a priority.

  • We imagined a self fulfilling ecosystem; where people participated in surveys, whilst being rewarded, promoted local events and supported businesses in their communities.

Then, with a real labour of love and a strong belief that we can make a difference to communities, we built RaRaRe.

Our vision is to create a world where a wide range of urban and rural issues are resolved by smart technology to create a safe, convenient, and healthy environment, where all residents can enjoy better quality of life.


Share our vision, join us.


‘A sustainable tomorrow starts today